It seems like I ought to post a brief update, just to let y’all know I’m still here and nothing else has gone wrong.

I admit I’m getting tired of it all. I haven’t felt really good in six weeks and it wears.

Still. The ankle continues to heal. The stitches were removed last week and I’m doing okay with the boot, except that it’s rather tight and the padding imprints itself on my skin by the end of the day. Which is when I take the boot off, take the sock off, and let my foot air out for a few minutes while I work my ankle motion as much as I can stand, per Dr. Sauer’s instructions. The ankle is still very stiff.

That worries me a little, as does the signs of nerve damage on the right side of my foot. The skin here is tingly and numb beyond what I recall the diabetic neuropathy had done before the injury. And now and then some damaged nerve decides to send a rocket, and I have a moment of stabbing pain. Also, when I move the ankle in the other direction (towards the outside) there is a most peculiar sensation of something poking into my skin from beneath. Not painful, exactly, but weird. May be the nerve reacting to the motion.

I’ve been able to work a fairly full schedule at work, except that I skip meetings away from my immediate office area. Too much fuss to try to get to them. I’ve got a handicapped placard and can park close to my office building, but the space is actually marked as visitor space, is actually used by people in my office building, and if I leave for a meeting, I can’t guarantee there will be a space for me when I get back. And most meetings are in buildings where I’d have trouble finding nearby parking.

Cindy remains very down on the idea of me doing any more hiking. It may be moot, if my ankle continues to be as stiff as it is now.

And I missed my niece’s wedding last week, which I had planned to attend before this accident. That bums me out.

But I’m alive, I’m recovering, I’m working, and if I’m getting weary of having to go up and down the stairs at home on hands and knees, at least I’m able to get around.

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  1. Justine Broadhurst Reply

    So sorry to hear of your accident. Hope your healing time is brief and complete, and that you will be wanderlusting again very soon.

  2. Bruce Rabe Reply

    Well, the rocks will probably still be there for us when you’re healed up.

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