The temperature last night hit -6 Fahrenheit. Subzero temperatures are not extraordinary here, but we don’t see them every winter. And when I got up this morning, this impressed me:

No icicles on the eaves. Because it’s too frikkin’ cold for them to form.

Our high was 26 Fahrenheit. I took an afternoon walk, since exercise is not optional for me, and it was slightly strange to be in bright afternoon sunshine and still be chilled. Again, not unknown here, but unusual.

I know: You’re from the north slope of Alaska, and -6 F is when you comment that it’s a bit nippy and put a sweater on. I just feel the need to point out that New Mexico is not southern California nor much like it.

Critters under the microscope:

Dunno. Round cell with a tuft of flagella. Perhaps Actinosphaerium? But all the examples I’ve found online have flagella everywhere. Or perhaps Gromia.


Unfortunately, right at the edge of the cover slip and with the leaf they’re attached to obscuring the view. But these are big horn-shaped colonial ciliates with a distinctive slightly bluish color.

Eager for spring to get here.

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