Out of action for now

I was seriously injured in a car crash on August 20. I’m told the first responders did not think I was going to survive. But I have (tough old geologist) and am now recuperating at home. But I’ll be pretty much out of action for another month or two. So...Read more

Off to Utah

For a week. I am trying to limit my use of vacation, and this is mostly a family visit. I plan to drive straight up and straight back, with no more than an occasional photograph along the way. I may have time for a little geology in central Utah, so...Read more


We had a bit of a pause of the monsoon this week (alas), and yesterday was sunny enough that I decided to go see some rocks. With gas prices what they are, and some hope of rain later in the day, I decided to keep it close to home, and...Read more

An Independence Day carnival

This is primarily a science blog, and I am studiously apolitical. But I do post miscellany, including personal updates, from time to time. Today I’ll be posting photographs of the Independence Day carnival held by my church in White Rock. If that’s not to your tastes, fear not; I also...Read more
A day at the museum

A day at the museum

On Saturday, the Los Alamos Geological Society took its field trip to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. This was in lieu of a field trip to a geological site, necessitated by the closue of most public lands due to fire danger. (That danger has since mostly...Read more

Baby birbs

The eggs have hatched, and Momma Birb is feeding the youngsters. I’ve gotten a few glimpses of their fuzzy little heads from my blind; there are at least two of them in the nest, possibly three. Sorry, no photos; this is not a good time to disturb them. Momma is...Read more

Mount Taylor Wanderlust, Day 6

Dawn on the last day of the excursion. Our camp is near Show Low Lake, which is on the western margin of the Springerville volcanic field. This volcanic field is near the western end of the Jemez lineament, which we learned about on the second full day of the conference....Read more
Mount Taylor Wanderlust, Day 5

Mount Taylor Wanderlust, Day 5

We awake to another cloudless morning, and begin loading up Obsidian. We head west on I-40. Part way towards Gallup, the view north opens up. We pull off at Prewitt and I get a big panorama. You’ll definitely want to click on this one for the full resolution version. The...Read more
Mount Taylor Wanderlust, Day 4, Postconference

Mount Taylor Wanderlust, Day 4, Postconference

I’m splitting out the postconference part of this day as a separate post, since the conference days may attract an unusually wide audience from conference attendees. Of course, the attendees are perfectly welcome to read this and subsequent posts as well. (Or read the whole website if you like. I’m...Read more