You’d think with five cats in the house …

No wanderlust this weekend. I had one planned, but when I started up the car Friday, the engine ran a bit rough, and then the engine check light started blinking. This is not a good thing. The car ran well enough to take over to a friend (the blessed Jon...Read more


At least as much as i can stand to be. The ankle is still very stiff and will take some walking to loosen up. Which, I confess, I’m not entirely looking forward to. Just mostly.Read more

Ankle update

There’s going to be some fairly gruesome pictures, but I’ll put them at the end with some padding. Last Tuesday Dr. Sauer examined my foot again, had some additional X-rays taken, and concluded that it would probably be better to go ahead and put a plate on my fibula. There...Read more

Shoulder update, and Clownie gets a new radiator

So the shoulder continues to slowly mend. I’d say at this point I have more use of it than I did before the surgery; an important milestone. It’s still pretty sore and stiff and weak in certain motions. I have physical therapy once a week and it’s starting to include...Read more

Ow. Ow ow ow ow …

It appears I survived the surgery, and the surgeon seems pleased with himself, so I’m cautiously optimistic about how it will turn out. In the meanwhile, Ow. You may quote me on that. The first 24 hours weren’t too bad, pain-wise. Because I had a nerve block. Once that started...Read more