Earth Treasures Show 2017

This is an annual show put on by the Los Alamos Geological Society, usually on the first weekend of December. It has become something of a holiday tradition for me, since it’s held at the Masonic Lodge just down the street from the Mormon chapel that holds a creche show...Read more

Book review: The Little Dinosaurs of Ghost Ranch

The Little Dinosaurs of Ghost Ranch Edwin Harris Colbert A handy litttle volume on Coelophysis, the late Triassic dinosaur that is one of the earlier dinosaurs for which we have complete skeletons. Numerous complete skeletons, actually, because a mass die-off a little over two hundred million years ago was preserved in...Read more

Playing with the new camera

So I was headed to Albuquerque today to attend the sealing of an older couple from my Mormon congregation. In their case, as a couple married for decades, this amounts to a renewal of vows in a Mormon context. It was sweet. I did not plan to stay in Albuquerque...Read more

Book review: Principles of Geochemistry

Principles of Geochemistry, Third Edition Brian Mason It may seem a bit strange to be offering a review of a textbook published in 1966, but I enjoyed this one quite a bit in spite of its age. It’s a copy I picked up for a couple of quatloos at the...Read more

Book Review: The Last Volcano

The Last Volcano: A Man, A Romance, And The Quest To Understand Nature’s Most Magnificent Fury John Dvorak I very much enjoyed Dvorak’s Earthquake Storms (reviewed here) and so I picked up this book without hesitation. Sadly, it was a bit of a disappointment. The Last Volcano is effectively a...Read more