As befits someone of my age and socioeconomic category who has raised children. The latest is a new bed frame for my younger son.

Partially assembled:

Now the drawers.

Michael is our autistic son, and he sometimes bounces on his bed. This means the frames have to be replaced periodically.

Meanwhile, we have gotten four more inches of snow so far today, and it’s still coming down (though it is starting to slow down.) Last winter was a warm, dry winter, and I took a number of wanderlusts in the lower terrain hereabouts. This winter is proving a cold, wet winter, and I doubt I’ll be hiking again before my birthday (if then) except for a possible trip to Kilbourne Hole if there’s a warmer and dryer spell at an opportune time.

Kilbourne Hole is a maar, or shallow volcanic crater formed in water-saturated beds, that likely formed during one of the recent glaciations when the Rio Grande Valley was quite wet hereabouts. The maar is notable for the presence of a large number of mantle xenoliths in the basalt erupted from the crater. These are green bits of rock rich in olivine and pyroxene, typical upper mantle minerals.

It looks like there will indeed be a wedding in the family this spring; my nephew is taking the plunge, and the big day will probably be sometime in April. That’s not a bad time for the trip to the trilobyte beds near Delta, which I could visit either coming or going from Logan, where the wedding will be.

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  1. Kent G. Budge Reply

    I just discovered that Kilbourne Hole was included in Organ Mountains National Monument in 2014. It is therefore off-limits for collecting.

    The b******s.

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