Wanderlusting the Valles north rim

Today was the first day of this season in which I had the whole day open, the Valles Preserve was issuing back country permits, and the weather was forecast to be excellent. So I decided this would be the perfect day to go and repeat some panoramas with my new...Read more

Wanderlusting Plaza Blanca

With a brief digression. Last weekend was a bit insane. I had routine appointments with my doctor and my dental hygienist Friday, and a trip to Albuquerque with Nathan on Saturday that had enough other things going on that I had no opportunity to hike while there. I had to...Read more

Wanderlusting Buckman Mesa

No wanderlust last weekend. And that’s Friday, before the big snow hit. Saturday I awoke to six inches of snow on the ground. This ruined my hiking plans, but I got a lot of work done on the book, and the late snow is going to help a lot with...Read more

Just another Placitas wanderlust

I was having a pretty good week until Tuesday night, when my throat became increasingly sore and I started feeling pretty crummy. I woke up in the early hours of Wednesday morning feeling like death warmed over, turned off my alarm clock, and gave up on work that day. I...Read more

Ticket to wanderlust

This is going to be a twofer. I was going to take Thursday the 30th off for my birthday, but my department scheduled a meeting with guests from out of town that I couldn’t get out of. Friday the 31st, my actual birthday, I had off already on my 9/80...Read more


I have a tradition of going on an especially grand wanderlust to celebrate my birthday each year. I try to pick somewhere close by but which I’ve never been before. For example, last year I visited the Cerros del Rio, which has been right across the canyon from my home...Read more

Spring in Albuquerque

So, having had no takers on the invitation to climb Buckman Mesa, and having gotten an email reminder of the mineral and gem show in Albuquerque, I decided I’d take today to go to the mineral and gem show and visit some interesting spots along the way. I figured I...Read more

8th annual Kent Is Getting Older adventure

Spring is approaching, the weather is getting warm, and I am getting the wanderlust. Besides, I turn older on March 31, and I’ve gotten in the habit of taking that day off and going somewhere I’ve never gone before. Since some of you have expressed interest in hiking with me...Read more

Wanderlusting Truchas

So there was enough rain yesterday that I decided not to go to the effort of trying to find a hiking partner, and decided instead to follow another New Mexico Geological Society road log. This one was to the Truchas area, and dated back to 1979. It had the merit...Read more