With hiking done for the season, I will be posting from time to time on other technical topics that interest me. Maybe they will interest you, as well.Read more

A short Labor Day wanderlust

I had a four-day weekend for Labor Day, thanks to  my employer’s 9/80 schedule, and it’s tough to have a long weekend and not do a little wanderlusting even when you’ve just come back from a big geologic vacation.Read more

Great American Eclipse wanderlust, day 14

Days 12 and 13 may be found here. I awake, eat the usual camp breakfast, and clean up. On the way back from dumping my trash in the dumpster boxes, I get a glimpse of some geology through the trees. Capitol Dome, at least according to Bing Aerial View. My...Read more

Great American Eclipse wanderlust, day 10

Day 9 may be found here. I awake, fix my usual camp breakfast, and do my best to clean myself up. I had been shaving every morning, but there are no facilities here for showering; I make do with a kind of sponge bath and put on my remaining change...Read more

Great American Eclipse wanderlust, days 3 and 4

Day 2 may be found here. If you’ve stayed with me this far, you probably already understand, but: What makes geology so fascinating for me? Isn’t it a little … extreme? It’s not just geology; I find almost everything interesting. I once saw a tee shirt at a nerd tee...Read more