The fish tank is coming along nicely.

I do have one female Boesmanii rainbowfish that has been ailing. The girlbow had a few nibbles yesterday, though, and seems to be more getting better than worse. But she’s a relatively old fish.

Angel is getting to be a very old cat.

We got her for my daugher for her tenth birthday. The cat is now 16 years old, and all she wants to do is nap on that spot. I wanted an up to date picture of her, you know, just in case…

And the crustacean culture kit was a bust. A few fairy shrimp hatched out; no water fleas appeared. And all the fairy shrimp have died out now. Bummer.

At least the fish tank is doing well. (Knock on wood.) And Loachie still likes his shrimpy treats.

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