I was seriously injured in a car crash on August 20. I’m told the first responders did not think I was going to survive. But I have (tough old geologist) and am now recuperating at home. But I’ll be pretty much out of action for another month or two. So much for the fall hiking season and, more regrettably, the fall field conference of the New Mexico Geological Society. I was much looking forward to it.

Fortunately, prognosis is for a full recovery. Hoping to be back on the trails by spring. Will report in here occasionally until then.

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  1. Kent Irving Reply

    I was wondering if things were ok since it seemed quiet here for a bit. Good to hear you are recovering.

  2. Bookslinger Reply

    Ooch! Sorry to hear about this.

    I noticed your absence over at the G clubhouse. Sent you an email, didn’t recv response, but I haven’t checked it for a few days.

    If you see this, send us something on the back-channel.

  3. Sharon Chong Reply

    I was surprised to open your URL and read that you were in a car accident and thankfully are on the road to recovery. I enjoyed your blog about Ball Ranch and am interested in learning more about the geology of the area. The petrified wood and fascinating assortment of rocks and strata are always a wonderful day of hiking and looking. Please take care and heal quick.

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