Well, flabber my gast. There is a Thai Palace in Alluitsup Paa, Greenland. I am fond of rural areas, with their local eccentricities, but I also like being able to order Tibetan food in Gunniston, Colorado. I hope we can eventually strike the right balance between particularism and cosmopolitanism.

And working from home (for two months now) is eye-opening. I am baffled who would even think of buying insurance from a robocaller that spoofs a local phone number on the caller I.D.

And research surveys. If I want you to have my opinion, I’ll offer it to you. I am utterly uninterested in having my views homogeneized into a (likely tiny) slice of a pie chart of millions.

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  1. Kent G. Budge Reply

    And the local geology there is Statherian rapakivi granite. An interesting rock, so far as it goes, but I already have a big slab in my rock room, collected from the northwestern Jemez region.

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