Wanderlusting Tyuonyi Overlook

Friday was supposed to be the day to paint Nathan’s room. However, I also had to take the dog to the vet to have her stitches removed, and Nathan hadn’t yet gotten up when it was time for the dog’s appointment. When I came back and he emerged from his...Read more

Wanderlusting Tetilla Peak

The 27th Annual Kent Is No Longer 29 celebration kicked off last Friday morning. Gary Stradling picked me up in his jeep and we headed to La Cienega, where the geologic adventures would begin.Read more

Introducing a friend to the northern Jemez

Friend of the Wanderlust, Gary Stradling, recently returned to White Rock after a few years in Babylon, D.C. to enjoy his retirement properly. We go back some years, and, to my delight, he let me know that seeing some local geology fits well with his retirement plans. Cindy was naturally...Read more

Winter siesta

We finally got a couple of doses of winter, and so my hiking activities have been limited. I’m glad for it; we’ve had a very dry winter so far, which makes for a very bad fire season come early summer. And I’ve taken the opportunity to do some work around...Read more