At least as much as i can stand to be. The ankle is still very stiff and will take some walking to loosen up. Which, I confess, I’m not entirely looking forward to. Just mostly.Read more

Earth Treasures Show 2017

This is an annual show put on by the Los Alamos Geological Society, usually on the first weekend of December. It has become something of a holiday tradition for me, since it’s held at the Masonic Lodge just down the street from the Mormon chapel that holds a creche show...Read more

On my feet again

Another appointment with Dr. Sauer today, and he was sufficiently pleased with my progress to instruct me to start walking with the “boot”. Two weeks of this, and if all goes well, I will be out of the boot and well on the way to normal activity.Read more

Book review: The Little Dinosaurs of Ghost Ranch

The Little Dinosaurs of Ghost Ranch Edwin Harris Colbert A handy litttle volume on Coelophysis, the late Triassic dinosaur that is one of the earlier dinosaurs for which we have complete skeletons. Numerous complete skeletons, actually, because a mass die-off a little over two hundred million years ago was preserved in...Read more