More smoke

Somewhat dated; I have been out of town. But from last Saturday. Our local fire is not too bad. The fire is now 75% contained and at 45,000 acres. That’s a big burn area, but on the whole, we’ve been lucky with this one. It was not a particularly hot...Read more


The Cerro Pelado fire: Seen looking west from near my house. The fire is at about 15,000 acres. It’s not fast moving, but it’s relentless. It has moved into a burn scar from eleven years ago, and all the downed wood from the earlier burn is providing abundant slow-burning fuel....Read more
With LAGS at the Nacimiento Mine

With LAGS at the Nacimiento Mine

The Los Alamos Geological Society held their April field excursion at the Nacimiento Mine, not far from Cuba. We’ve been here a couple of times before, but the mine is a pretty fascinating place, and there are a variety of minerals specimens that can be collected here. I ride with...Read more

A short Rendija wanderlust

I needed the exercise and I had some things to think about, so I spent a Friday hiking in an area of Rendija Canyon I had not visited before. The trail head is some distance east of the sportsmen’s club, where the road begins descending into the spectacular narrows of...Read more
Wanderlusting Abo Pass

Wanderlusting Abo Pass

I recently turned 60. That seems like a sufficient milestone that I decided to take a long weekend this week, beginning with driving down to Abo Pass to look at some geology, I thought I might do some camping as well, but with the weather forecast a bit dodgy, I...Read more

Time to get a new answering machine?

Our is pretty long in the tooth, and messages are increasingly garbled. Why do I mention this? I think someone tried to leave a message about this blog, but the return number was garbled. FWIW, if you are shy about leaving a comment in the comments section, you can contact...Read more
To the Gates of Hell

To the Gates of Hell

This weekend I hiked with the Los Alamos Geological Society to the Gates of Hell. Naturally, a statement like that requires explanation. All in good time… I was up early (for a Saturday), had a good breakfast, and threw together my field trip equipment: hiking boots, hat, and walking stick;...Read more

Spring 2022

Spring is sprung. And my birthday is coming up. This will be a big one: 60. So naturally it’s time to think about the 31st Annual Kent Is No Longer 29 event. This year, due to various scheduling constraints, I’ll simply be hiking with the Los Alamos Geological Society on...Read more

Fox is back

Napping on our deck again. Undestand that we don’t put out food for him or even clear the deck of snow for him or otherwise try to “tame” him. We just leave him alone — and are deeply flattered he chooses to spend his nap time with us. Sigh. And...Read more

Another blast of winter

We got some real winter this week. Notice the tracks. Fox is still with us, though I haven’t seem him on the porch lately. Eight inches. And we got to -2 F one morning. For us, this is some real winter.Read more