A frolic in the snow

A frolic in the snow

And, a final test of my camera before investing large dollars in a new one. Gary Stradling called and asked if I was interested in doing a little snow shoeing while helping him pick up some equipment. Seems he was camping with his son in the snow up by Cumbres...Read more

Out of focus again

Yesterday I noticed walking home that the ground off the path is getting reasonably dry. I told myself, “Self, if the weather is reasonably dry for another week, we can think about some serious hiking.” Sure enough, last night a brief but intense snow flurry came through. Cindy and I...Read more

Spring 2019

The first crocuses of spring. Next to the big chunk of gypsum from the Todilto Formation that I picked up at Mesa Alta. The weather turned miserable again last weekend, dumping several inches of snow. This weekend it’s very spring-like, but that simply means the trails have thawed into a...Read more

Geology, at last

It rained last week, and snow is predicted today and tonight. In fact, the Weather Service is predicting around five inches tonight; I may get a free day of vacation tomorrow. But it was pleasant enough Saturday for me to get together with Gary Stradling and visit the Cerillos Hills....Read more


I think the ich infestation is now finally under control. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, and all that. I see no more white spots on the fish. Some are still acting stressed, particularly the Siamese flying foxes, but that may just be the medication. Which I need to continue until,...Read more


I know; this is supposed to be a geology blog. But we’re having a cold, wet winter. That’s always a welcome thing in the high desert of the West, but it does interfere with getting out into the field and looking at rocks. The trails are still snowy or muddy...Read more


Crep. I got too cocky last post about my fish tanks. First, a rundown on the 55-gallon display tank, in case any greabeard aquarist is reading and has sage advice for me. I’ve had the tank for over twenty years, so it is well-cycled. (I replaced the filter last year...Read more


My big fish tank, the 55-gallon one, has had snails in it for some time. I have tentatively identified these as Malaysian trumpet snails, which on balance are thought to be good critters to have in a planted tank. They aren’t thought to be much interested in the plants, but...Read more