I think the ich infestation is now finally under control. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, and all that. I see no more white spots on the fish. Some are still acting stressed, particularly the Siamese flying foxes, but that may just be the medication. Which I need to continue until,...Read more


I know; this is supposed to be a geology blog. But we’re having a cold, wet winter. That’s always a welcome thing in the high desert of the West, but it does interfere with getting out into the field and looking at rocks. The trails are still snowy or muddy...Read more


Crep. I got too cocky last post about my fish tanks. First, a rundown on the 55-gallon display tank, in case any greabeard aquarist is reading and has sage advice for me. I’ve had the tank for over twenty years, so it is well-cycled. (I replaced the filter last year...Read more


My big fish tank, the 55-gallon one, has had snails in it for some time. I have tentatively identified these as Malaysian trumpet snails, which on balance are thought to be good critters to have in a planted tank. They aren’t thought to be much interested in the plants, but...Read more

I am a master of particle board

As befits someone of my age and socioeconomic category who has raised children. The latest is a new bed frame for my younger son. Partially assembled: Now the drawers. Michael is our autistic son, and he sometimes bounces on his bed. This means the frames have to be replaced periodically....Read more

Happy New Year

I anticipate a quiet New Year’s Day, 2019, at home: I tried embedding the video directly, but apparently that capability comes only with the Pro version of WordPress, for which I have to pay money. I actually understand and am okay with that, though I’m not ready to make...Read more

Christmas 2018

Christmas lights. Christmas tree. My children are now all adults now, who like sleeping in, so the great unwrapping of presents sometimes does not begin until after noon. Nathan is camera shy and more or less demanded that I put the camera away for the rest of the day. The...Read more


My friend Gary Stradling saw this at the Earth Treasures show yesterday, and he liked it enough (and his wife Rebecca liked it enough) that they decided to cough up the quatloos for it. Um, so to speak. Not as inexpensive as most fish tiles because of the unusual life...Read more

Back in focus?

The camera is back from the repair shop. Look like the autofocus is working again. It’s having some difficulty with the GPS lock, but I had that problem when I first purchased it; may be a matter of taking a long time to initially locate the satellites.Read more