Great American Eclipse wanderlust, days 3 and 4

Day 2 may be found here. If you’ve stayed with me this far, you probably already understand, but: What makes geology so fascinating for me? Isn’t it a little … extreme? It’s not just geology; I find almost everything interesting. I once saw a tee shirt at a nerd tee...Read more

Wedding wanderlust, day 6

The previous day may be found here. I woke up somewhat late, but then I didn’t have a tent to tear down. I skipped the steel-cut oats to save time and breakfasted on cereal, buttermilk, ham and egg, then headed out for Arches National Park. I had contemplated just heading...Read more

Wedding wanderlust, day 5

The previous day may be found here. I awoke feeling somewhat better and found that my mother was the only other one stirring. She had, in fact, woken me up. Fine; I had a long drive to Monticello ahead. I dropped my mom off in Provo, staying with her long...Read more