On my feet again

Another appointment with Dr. Sauer today, and he was sufficiently pleased with my progress to instruct me to start walking with the “boot”. Two weeks of this, and if all goes well, I will be out of the boot and well on the way to normal activity.Read more

Book review: The Little Dinosaurs of Ghost Ranch

The Little Dinosaurs of Ghost Ranch Edwin Harris Colbert A handy litttle volume on Coelophysis, the late Triassic dinosaur that is one of the earlier dinosaurs for which we have complete skeletons. Numerous complete skeletons, actually, because a mass die-off a little over two hundred million years ago was preserved in...Read more

Ankle update

There’s going to be some fairly gruesome pictures, but I’ll put them at the end with some padding. Last Tuesday Dr. Sauer examined my foot again, had some additional X-rays taken, and concluded that it would probably be better to go ahead and put a plate on my fibula. There...Read more

On bull—-

I’ve gotten two calls from Microsoft Support in the last two days. It seems their monitors detected that my personal computer had downloaded some viruses.Read more


With hiking done for the season, I will be posting from time to time on other technical topics that interest me. Maybe they will interest you, as well.Read more

A short Labor Day wanderlust

I had a four-day weekend for Labor Day, thanks to  my employer’s 9/80 schedule, and it’s tough to have a long weekend and not do a little wanderlusting even when you’ve just come back from a big geologic vacation.Read more

Great American Eclipse wanderlust, day 14

Days 12 and 13 may be found here. I awake, eat the usual camp breakfast, and clean up. On the way back from dumping my trash in the dumpster boxes, I get a glimpse of some geology through the trees. Capitol Dome, at least according to Bing Aerial View. My...Read more